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  • My Pick for Best of Show at CES 2012

    My Pick for Best of Show at CES 2012

    Samsung revealed a new transparent LCD screen called the Smart Window at the Consumer Electronics Show, winning the CES 2012 Innovation Award. The 46-inch touchscreen turns what were once boring window displays into interactive experiences.
    The revolutionary screen has a contrast ratio of 4,500:1 with high-definition resolution and a 70 percent color gamut,…

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  • Wondering What All This SOPA and PIPA Talk is About?

    Wondering What All This SOPA and PIPA Talk is About?

    Leave it TED and Clay Shirky to break it down and explain why it’s a bad idea.
    “What does a bill like PIPA/SOPA mean to our shareable world? At the TED offices, Clay Shirky delivers a proper manifesto — a call to defend our freedom to create, discuss, link and share, rather than passively consume.”

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  • The Ultimate Desktop

    The Ultimate Desktop

    EXOdesk first look. EXOdesk is part of the EXOtables form factor to be build by selected partners starting in 2012, focusing on pricing and user experience. The HTML5 multi-touch development kit and the application store allows a wide range of exciting applications involving productivity and creativity. EXO UI physics is a natural way to interact with digital content and applications on large touch displays…

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  • The Web’s Impact on Entertainment

    The Web’s Impact on Entertainment

    How has the digital revolution affected film, music and the wider entertainment industry? Has iTunes been a good thing or a bad thing for artists? And what should actors, musicians and entertainment professionals do to really utilize the web for their work?
    Ariel “Ari” Emanuel addressed those questions and more in a 45-minute interview on stage at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco [...]

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  • What’s Next For Google

    What’s Next For Google

    Web 2.0 Summit (formerly named Web 2.0 Conference) brings the intelligence, innovation, and leadership of the Internet industry together in one place at one time. Through incisive plenary sessions, frank onstage conversations, rapid-fire “high order bits,” and Launch Pad, visionaries and executives from across the Internet economy present their unique perspective on the Web’s future. Web 2.0 [...]

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  • A Conversation With Mark Zuckerberg

    A Conversation With Mark Zuckerberg

    At the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco yesterday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg provided some interesting insight into the current state of Facebook, Internet communication tools, and how the third-highest valued Internet company in the U.S. is enabling the future of social, in an in-depth interview with Tim O’Reilly and Federated Media’s John Battelle. [...]

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  • Web 3.0: The Movie

    Web 3.0: The Movie

    A story about the Semantic Web by Kate Ray
    Whether you call it Web 3.0, the Semantic Web, or the Giant Global Graph… due to the massive amounts of information on the web, relational databases with linked data are inevitable. The above, roughly 15 minute, video provides a good overview of the semantic web, which is essentially a move to “extend principles of the Web [...]

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  • Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh)

    Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh)

    If Facebook was a country, it would now be the third largest country in the world. It passed the U.S. earlier this year and is now eclipsed only by China and India in terms of raw population. That mind-boggling statistic — along with a few dozen more — are showcased in the above video, demonstrating social media’s explosive growth in recent years. Based on the book Socialnomics by Erik Qualman, the video [...]

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  • The Future of Print Publishing

    The Future of Print Publishing

    Last week at TED Wired and Adobe unveiled the first glimpse of the Wired Reader on its debut platform, the iPad. Wired’s editor-in-Chief, Chris Anderson, breaks down the presentation:

    “What Jeremy and I showed was not a CGI demo or concept — it was running live code with real copy. The content was created [...]

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  • Google Liquid Galaxy

    Google Liquid Galaxy

    Google’s Liquid Galaxy is engineer Jason Holt’s 20% time project, a wraparound view of 8 LCD screens providing a truly immersive experience of Google Earth and Street View.

    We [Mashable] wrote about Google’s Liquid Galaxy project back in December, one of the more interesting 20% projects in which [...]

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