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  • My Pick for Best of Show at CES 2012

    My Pick for Best of Show at CES 2012

    Samsung revealed a new transparent LCD screen called the Smart Window at the Consumer Electronics Show, winning the CES 2012 Innovation Award. The 46-inch touchscreen turns what were once boring window displays into interactive experiences.
    The revolutionary screen has a contrast ratio of 4,500:1 with high-definition resolution and a 70 percent color gamut,…

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  • The Ultimate Desktop

    The Ultimate Desktop

    EXOdesk first look. EXOdesk is part of the EXOtables form factor to be build by selected partners starting in 2012, focusing on pricing and user experience. The HTML5 multi-touch development kit and the application store allows a wide range of exciting applications involving productivity and creativity. EXO UI physics is a natural way to interact with digital content and applications on large touch displays…

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  • The Future of Print Publishing

    The Future of Print Publishing

    Last week at TED Wired and Adobe unveiled the first glimpse of the Wired Reader on its debut platform, the iPad. Wired’s editor-in-Chief, Chris Anderson, breaks down the presentation:

    “What Jeremy and I showed was not a CGI demo or concept — it was running live code with real copy. The content was created [...]

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  • Apple’s New Baby: The iPad

    Apple’s New Baby: The iPad

    The big day has finally arrived and… Apple’s Tablet does exist! The iPad has officially been born.
    According to Steve Jobs, the device will be far better than an iPhone or netbook for browsing the web and at this morning’s announcement claimed “it’s the best browsing experience you’ve ever had.” The iPad will also feature most of the standard apps we have become [...]

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  • ‘New Creation’ Launch + Earnings = Big Week For Apple

    ‘New Creation’ Launch + Earnings = Big Week For Apple

    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Few events can steal the thunder from an Apple quarterly earnings day. Maybe only an Apple product launch.
    The company releases quarterly results on Monday, but Wall Street is waiting for Wednesday, when Apple could unveil a new tablet computer that investors hope will be as huge a phenomenon as its iconic iPod and iPhone. The invitation to press merely says [...]

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  • The Thrilling Potential of SixthSense Technology

    The Thrilling Potential of SixthSense Technology

    At TEDIndia, Pranav Mistry demos several tools that help the physical world interact with the world of data — including a deep look at his SixthSense device and a new, paradigm-shifting paper “laptop.” In an onstage Q&A, Mistry says he’ll open-source the software behind SixthSense, to open its possibilities to all. [...]

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  • BumpTop Goes Multi-Touch

    BumpTop Goes Multi-Touch

    While the anticipation grows for the yet-to-be announced Apple Tablet, the excitement seems to be spurring more and more companies to develop various hardware and software tablet based solutions. Some of the exciting elements surrounding all the hype are the truly innovative solutions we are starting to see. One such innovation comes from BumpTop, where they’re attempting [...]

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  • The Apple Tablet: When & What if?

    The Apple Tablet: When & What if?

    We’re less than a week away from the big September 9th “rock and roll” spectacle where Apple is set to make some big announcements. So far, what do we know for sure? It’s all about the iPod. But, the rumor mill continues to churn. What people are expecting? Plenty. One of the earlier reports from Apple Insider “independently confirm” that Apple will “introduce its 2009 iPod offerings and [...]

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  • Macbook Touch, iTablet, or iZilch?

    Macbook Touch, iTablet, or iZilch?

    I went back and forth on whether or not to write this post because I don’t particularly like to speculate about rumored products, especially when they could possibly carry an Apple badge. I decided to pass. Then, not a couple of hours later, I came across this article “My theory on the Apple Tablet: It doesn’t exist, will never exist, and it is probably a 10 inch laptop”. I was literally laughing out loud. Not because [...]

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