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  • The Rise of Facebook Mobile

    The Rise of Facebook Mobile

    “Facebook recently announced that the site now has 150 million mobile users worldwide. Much of this has to do with the rapid growth of app usage, specifically on smartphones.Perhaps not surprisingly, social networking apps are the the fastest growing category of all apps, with download rates increasing by 240% in the last year. Of these, Facebook apps are tend to be the most popular; [...]“

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  • What’s Next For Google

    What’s Next For Google

    Web 2.0 Summit (formerly named Web 2.0 Conference) brings the intelligence, innovation, and leadership of the Internet industry together in one place at one time. Through incisive plenary sessions, frank onstage conversations, rapid-fire “high order bits,” and Launch Pad, visionaries and executives from across the Internet economy present their unique perspective on the Web’s future. Web 2.0 [...]

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  • The State Of The Internet Industry

    The State Of The Internet Industry

    Legendary Internet analyst Mary Meeker has some statistics she thinks every Internet executive should know, including that iOS is growing faster than almost any other Internet technology in history.

    At the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, the Morgan Stanley analyst led a rapid-pace presentation on the state of the Internet industry [...]

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  • How Important Have Apps Become?

    How Important Have Apps Become?

    It goes without saying that as more and more people transition to smartphones, the app industry will only get hotter. Pew’s recent report on mobile apps provided us with a wealth of information on the subject, including use demographics, most popular apps, frequency of use, and cost/number of downloads. These numbers make it clear that apps are becoming an increasingly important part of our [...]

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  • WWDC 2010 Keynote Takeaways

    WWDC 2010 Keynote Takeaways

    Apple’s iPad has sold over 2 million units in less than 2 months, selling 1 iPad every 3 seconds.

    Proving that Steve Jobs really knows how to pick his catch-phrases (in a classic Jobs moment) he opens the Keynote with a customers email to Jobs claiming that he has experienced the truly “magical” powers…

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  • Why I love the iPad

    Why I love the iPad

    Now that I’ve had my iPad for a couple of weeks I figure I’ve given it enough time to come to a reasonable conclusion of wether or not, as a device, it makes sense and how it fits into my life. Granted, as a digital/new media professional, my computer use and needs are quite different than a typical persons might be. Even though I knew after day one that this new “magical” device was an ideal fit [...]

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  • Morgan Stanley Internet Trends: 2010

    Morgan Stanley Internet Trends: 2010

    A couple of days ago Morgan Stanley released their annual Internet Trends report. As usual it’s a great resource for the current state of the Internet, including the mobile web, providing the latest stats, trends, forecasts and more.

    Presented by Mary Meeker on April 12, 2010 [...]

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  • Apple’s New Baby: The iPad

    Apple’s New Baby: The iPad

    The big day has finally arrived and… Apple’s Tablet does exist! The iPad has officially been born.
    According to Steve Jobs, the device will be far better than an iPhone or netbook for browsing the web and at this morning’s announcement claimed “it’s the best browsing experience you’ve ever had.” The iPad will also feature most of the standard apps we have become [...]

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  • ‘New Creation’ Launch + Earnings = Big Week For Apple

    ‘New Creation’ Launch + Earnings = Big Week For Apple

    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Few events can steal the thunder from an Apple quarterly earnings day. Maybe only an Apple product launch.
    The company releases quarterly results on Monday, but Wall Street is waiting for Wednesday, when Apple could unveil a new tablet computer that investors hope will be as huge a phenomenon as its iconic iPod and iPhone. The invitation to press merely says [...]

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  • The Apple App Store Economy

    The Apple App Store Economy

    The world of Mobile Apps is a burgeoning marketplace, with the obvious leader (and App Store creator) being Apple. This infograph provides a brief overview on just how successful their App Store is.
    With over 56 Million users, and currently more than 130,000 Apps available for download… 200 Million Apps are being downloaded each month, generating more than $500 Million in revenues [...]

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