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  • John Mayer Augmented Reality Video

    John Mayer Augmented Reality Video

    John Mayer has made music and technology history as the first recording artist to release an augmented reality music video. It’s an interesting experiment. Engaging, unique and… pretty damn cool.

    There are several ways to get the marker (icon) to reflect in your webcam. Though, if you don’t feel like wasting [...]

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  • Designing for Augmented Reality

    Designing for Augmented Reality

    From MAX 2009 Design

    Learn about designing and developing augmented reality experiences on the Flash Platform. Join two Adobe evangelists as we take you through the business uses and consumer uses of augmented reality and how you can use CS4 and the Flash Platform tools. [...]

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  • Augmented Reality + Google Earth = AugEarth (or Big Brother?)

    Augmented Reality + Google Earth = AugEarth (or Big Brother?)

    Augmenting Aerial Earth Maps with Dynamic Information (augearth)
    The above demo, from students of Georgia Institute of Technology, is both super cool and scary as hell. Phenomenal technology for real-time mapping via Google Earth but… equally frightening is how easily this could actually destroy our privacy. The unusual [...]

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  • Juxt Do It - VizualPV3D

    Juxt Do It - VizualPV3D

    From the creative geniuses at award-winning agency Juxt Interactive comes this amazing new tool for Papervision 3D. I have yet to try it out but after viewing the below video demonstration it’s sure to help aid development on many PV3D projects and really looks like a phenomenal piece of software.
    a Juxt Interactive project. Designed and developed by Gary Stasiuk

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  • The iPhone 3G[s] + 3.0 OS Possibilities

    The iPhone 3G[s] + 3.0 OS Possibilities

    Video: Layar, Augmented Reality App In Development For iPhone

    Described as the world’s first augmented reality browser, it combines information from the GPS, camera, and digital compass to add a layer of virtual reality on top of the real-life reality, hence the term “augmented reality”.

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