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eME WiKi is an Online Collaborative Entertainment Network, allowing media creators and enthusiasts alike to have active participation in its - and their own - development. The result is an exciting blend of entertainment and editorials created by many and enjoyed by all!

While still in it’s infant stage, with hundreds of members, thousands of viewers, nearly a million pages served, and featured on some of the internet’s top blogging and social bookmarking sites, eME WiKi is destined to make it’s mark on the web. Whether looking for industry news, celebrity gossip, cool videos, music, movie previews, classic cartoons, a calendar of events, or anything else related to entertainment… chances are, you’ll find it at emewiki.com.

Developed by EXP Media, eME WiKi utilizes the latest web based technologies and protocols to create and deploy a robust, interactive, dynamic, social network. eME delivers a unique experience in that the user is able to create and share any concept that he or she can dream up, whether it is editorial, blogs, photographs, music, video, flash projects, or anything else that can be digitized. Senior editors then determine whether or not to promote the submitted content to the Home page where it will get increased exposure. While the editors have the final say, they rely heavily on the community at large… how many views the content gets, the item’s ranking, member comments and such do have pull. Think of MySpace meets YouTube where all the best content is tied together in one cohesive place. Furthermore, whether or not the material is promoted to the Home page, it will continue to reside on eME WiKi with its own permalink.

As a member of eME WiKi, users have several unique features available to them. For example, if you’re in a band, and you upload your music files, you can then:

  1. Submit a story relating to the uploaded music and your band, post it in the eME Music Section, and even have the chance to be advanced to the home page.
  2. Promote your latest gig by adding the date to the Main Calendar. You can then reference the show in your story. In addition, eME Members who are interested in attending the show can add it to their Personal Calendar with a click of the button… Add to My Calendar. They’ll have all the show info you posted (so be thorough).
  3. Add your web site or MySpace page to our Network by going to the Web Resources link, and clicking Add A Link. (Rather than competing with MySpace Artist pages we consider them as part of an affiliate network of sites that can promote their material on eME. Imagine if you could go to one site for all of the coolest content from MySpace, YouTube, and the top blogs on the net… that’s eME!)

Other features include:

  • Uncompressed audio and video - Unlike other audio and video sharing sites (such as YouTube and Google Video), eME does not compress uploaded media. We are firm believers in keeping quality in media, especially digitized video. That’s why we keep the full quality of your media and enable you to upload media files up to 100 megabytes. That’s also why you’ll see many videos in High Definition.
  • Enable users to download your media (for free or for a fee)
  • Personalized Calendar
  • Personal Media Album
  • Free Membership
  • Ability to join The entertainME Network

In addition, as the hub of The entertainME Network, eME WiKi is one of the channels that funnels video content to entertainME.tv (as well as the rest of the network of video broadcasting web sites and blogs), enabling publishers to turn content into cash.

The goal of eME WiKi is to have the best entertainment related content the web has to offer in one user friendly, member driven, social network. Yet, one could also consider it more of a social network that promotes other social networks, web sites, and blogs such as MySpace, YouTube, or any other network that the member also participates in.

Get Your WiKi On @ eMEWiki.com

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