Disney Mobile

Disney Mobile

Project Overview:

Redesign of Disney Mobile website to include content and functionality for new business line
Client: Disney Interactive Group
Launch date: N/A
Web address: N/A

My Title:

Project Administrator

Core Responsibilities:

  • Project Administrator for Disney Mobile product line extension, including oversight of the website
  • Created site maps, wireframes, and assisted on functional requirements documents
  • Additional responsibilities included various Program Management and Product Development tasks related to both the website and the device

Features include:

  • Flash
  • eCommerce
  • Mobile Handset administration
  • Downloadable Games & Widgets
  • XML
  • Interactive eLearning modules

Awards include:

  • 2007 Andrew Seybold Award – Disney Mobile, “Most Innovative NewOperation” and “Best New Company”

To see a full size screen shot, click here.

* Produced at Disney Interactive Group


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