The Future of Print Publishing

The Future of Print Publishing

Last week at TED Wired and Adobe unveiled the first glimpse of the Wired Reader on its debut platform, the iPad. Wired’s editor-in-Chief, Chris Anderson, breaks down the presentation:

“What Jeremy [Clark from Adobe] and I showed was not a CGI demo or concept — it was running live code with real copy. The content was created in Adobe InDesign, as is the case for the print magazine, with the same designers adding interactive elements, from photo galleries and video to animations, along with adapting the designs so it looks great in both portrait and landscape orientation. This is a departure from the usual web model, where a different team repurposes magazine content into HTML, unavoidably losing much of the visual context in the process. is not a re-purposed version of the magazine, but rather an separately-produced news service.

Although the Wired Reader starts as an AIR app, Adobe has created tools that allow us to easily convert it for major tablet and mobile platforms. In Barcelona this week, Adobe announced that AIR would run on Android, and Adobe has already announced its Packager for iPhone tool that will allow Flash apps (including AIR) to run on Apple mobile platforms. And AIR already runs natively on Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems.”

There are a number of aspects to this app that provides us with a glimpse of what the future of Wired, as well as the rest of print media, has in store to revive the declining publication industry. Initially, what seems to be most exciting is the applications ability to support 360s (a popular flash viewing method enabling the user to turn a product around and look at all sides of it), navigation via natural hand gestures, a dual axis navigation system, a scrubber to browse through the issue, article clippings, a favorite bin and Twitter/Facebook integration. In a move that should help attract advertisers, Wired is also treating advertising in much the same way as its editorial content… producing an enticing ad experience.

While the Wired Reader (launching this summer) has a good chance of redefining print publishing, it will also be leading the way in creating a new arm of the publishing industry… touchscreen publications.

via Wired

For another take on producing touchscreen publications, check the video below.


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