Project Natal - The future of gaming

Project Natal - The future of gaming

Monday came with a slew of new announcements from various press events at E3 09… but, the clear winner of the day was Microsoft and it’s announcement of Project Natal. In fact, the impact of this announcement will ultimately change the way we game, socialize, watch media, share media and numerous other events yet to be thought of.

Project Natal is a motion-sensing control system for Xbox 360. The main thing that sets this add-on apart is that the system doesn’t use controllers… you are the controller. It uses your full body and motion capture for you and your gear (skateboard, snowboard, etc). It also has voice and facial recognition along with unique ways to communicate and share with friends and family. The demo is quite impressive…

Xbox also made some other very exciting announcements on the forefront of home entertainment. Instant on HD Movies and TV supporting 1080p and 5.1 surround sound - no disks, no drives, no downloads. Other huge news…  Xbox Live is getting more social with its social networking. Coming soon… facebook connect, twitter, and And, of course, a stellar line-up of games. Big year for gaming, big moves by Microsoft.

Xboox Live members can log in to enjoy a plethora of high quality videos from E3 09. Including trailers of: Halo 3: ODST, Halo: Reach,  and Modern Warefare 2.


Microsoft games exec details how Project Natal was born - via VentureBeat



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