My Pick for Best of Show at CES 2012

My Pick for Best of Show at CES 2012

Samsung revealed a new transparent LCD screen called the Smart Window at the Consumer Electronics Show, winning the CES 2012 Innovation Award. The 46-inch touchscreen turns what were once boring window displays into interactive experiences.

The revolutionary screen has a contrast ratio of 4,500:1 with high-definition resolution and a 70 percent color gamut, making it is as vivid as a lot of TVs in displaying color. Weighing only 10 pounds and with a thickness of only 9 millimeters, Samsung says it could be used in product showcases, commercial freezer doors in grocery stores, and platform doors of subway stations. It can also be used in other work or home applications including electronic boards, information windows, medical equipment, electronic signs, and, once the displays get smaller, mobile devices.

Of course, after seeing this, you can’t help not to think: Yes! We’ve got to be close to strapping on our jet packs and living in a Minority Report world.


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