Macbook Touch, iTablet, or iZilch?

Macbook Touch, iTablet, or iZilch?

I went back and forth on whether or not to write about the prospect of this device because I don’t particularly like to speculate about rumored products, especially when they could possibly carry an Apple badge. I decided to pass. Then, not a couple of hours later, I came across this article “My theory on the Apple Tablet: It doesn’t exist, will never exist, and it is probably a 10 inch laptop“. I was literally laughing out loud. Not because of his speculation or point of view, but because he is so vehemently anti-Apple. Which is fine… to each his own, but his reasoning and lack of knowledge (or the lack of acknowledgment) of obvious facts is what I found so laughable. Then, when you add in that he speaks so matter-of-factly about the product never existing while presenting patent after patent it really becomes nonsensical.

Another amusing element of his article is that it is actually so well documented, he obviously put a lot of time into backing up his argument. The problem however, is that he is so blatantly blinded by his contempt for all things Apple he can’t see the light. Now, I don’t want to go off on a tangent about the author but, there are a couple of very obvious flaws in his theory. First off, this patent notice (which he references) that dates back to 2004 as well as several others from 2006 (again, which he references) have obviously been used for the iPhone, which began as the “Safari Pad“. Which, if you haven’t noticed, is a 3.5 inch tablet-like mobile computing device. It’s no stretch of the imagination to think that Apple would turn this little 3.5 inch OS X powerhouse into a 10 inch (or so) version. The other major flaw comes at the end of his descriptive investigation, when he states: “There is no Apple Tablet, there never will be an Apple Tablet.” That must be one special magic ball he possesses. Especially when looking at recent Apple patent filings like these.


The other thing that made his article so funny was his use of language. For a site that’s trying to be a reputable source of information like IntoMobile I think it shows extremely poor judgment, and taste, to have an editor using words like “bullshit,” “What the fuck is that?,” and other expletives in a story that, while well documented, is entirely speculative and where the author can’t seem to come to terms with the very facts he has presented. In short, I think it’s time Mr. Stefan Constantinescu pulls his head out of his ass, wakes-up, and smells the freshly brewed iCoffee. To complete one of his earlier quotes, he relishes: “There is no Apple Tablet, there never will be an Apple Tablet, and just in case you were wondering: I am a PC.” It’s no wonder he’s so bitter.

Now, whether or not Apple will be coming out with this well-touted, highly rumored about device in the next year? Who knows? The Financial Times expects it will be later this year. But, I think it’s a pretty safe bet to say that at some point in time they will.  There certainly have been no shortage of rumors and concept designs. My favorite is the concept created by designer Tommaso Gecchelin, and his vision for the MacBook Touch. Very inspiring, and I have no doubt that Macs of the future will closely resemble both the form and function of this genius abstraction. This is the future of personal computing.

For a complete breakdown of most known mock-ups check out the impressive list Mashable put together… APPLE TABLET: Ultimate Gallery of Concept Designs and Prototypes.

One last thought… since this was the final straw that put it over the top, for me. Mr. Moron concluded his article by going out on a limb to make the following prediction:

“At some point in 2010, Apple will make all their portable devices with a 16:9 aspect ratio. This new 10 inch MacBook will be the first, next WWDC we’ll probably see the entire MBP lineup go wide. Hell I’ll even be brave and say Apple will increase the DPI in their MBP lineup in 2010 and kill the 15 and 17 inch MBP and replace them with 14 and 16 inch screens instead.”

What could possibly make him think that this will happen? Granted, some new PCs have this ratio, but as we all know Apple leads, not follows. It really doesn’t make any sense for a computer monitor or the way we work. There’s a good explanation of why it doesn’t here or just read the breakdown of the 16:10 aspect ratio on WikiPedia. The bottom line is that it would either reduce the number of pixels or create more in the width… where it isn’t needed. Either way, it would reduce precious vertical space. 16:9 is ideal for HDTV and 16:10 is ideal for personal computing. All Apple Cinema Displays have a 16:10 screen aspect ratio. What makes moron think they would include this on their MacBook line-up before the Cinema Display, anyway? My thoughts, it will never happen. What would we do with our toolbars? And… “Go wide?” As if Apple monitors weren’t wide? This is actually a perfect analogy to his article; He thinks Apple’s MBP line-up don’t have wide-screen displays… LOL! Plus, “kill the 15 and 17 inch MBPs”? I think not. Hell, I’ll even be brave and say that none of his predictions above will ever come true, and that Apple will release a MacBook Touch / Tablet (or the like) by the end of 2010 (if not 2009). Which, BTW, I can see sporting a 16:9 aspect ratio for the benefit of a wider multimedia experience and a leaner portrait display when rotated vertically.


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