Modern TV Stand Designs for Home Entertainment

Materials vary from solid wood to plastic and fiberglass, and the shapes are as different as human imagination allows. Entertainment centers are usually big and require quite a bit of space. In return they offer a lot of additional storage and display space. These are great for spacious open layout homes as they help create a focal point in the main room and occupy all of that empty wall space.

This is the beauty of the wall entertainment centers, as you don’t have to think about a gallery wall to disguise your TV. Some of them come with sliding panels for hiding the thing when it’s not in use.

The contrast between the black TV and white walls also makes for a stylish look while the blue-ish light further promotes the futuristic aesthetic.

VIG Furniture offers a lot of modern TV stand designs. Luxurious and minimal consoles and cabinets are perfect for smaller living rooms as well as spacious houses.

To add a bit of the futuristic feel to your living room opt for curvy glossy shapes that look like parts of a sci-fi spaceship. This stand also includes LED lighting built into the single glass shelf that ca house external devices and a minimal movie collection.

Barbara will add a few unusual angles to the interior. It has a generous pull out drawer for storage and can also be used as a console for displaying objects. Glamorous and attractive the unusual cabinet is a welcome change to the familiar rectangular TV stands.

Providing space for external devices and openings for the cables Bloom is a beautiful addition to a modern or vintage home. Also equipped with the wheels and a shelf for various magazines and small electronics Cobra can be easily moved from room to room or corner to corner.

Though with such an attractive design it may not need any additional decorations as they can make the unit look overly decorated.

Pacini & Cappellini designs are perfect for modern minimal interiors. They are sleek and have no unnecessary details. Storage-friendly they can fit additional devices. While most modern TV stand designs come in plastic, fiberglass, or metal, Pacini & Cappellini offers a warm wooden Lounge TV stand in a smooth and minimal design.

When space is tight multi-functional furniture pieces can be just what is needed. But the functionality of the TV stands doesn’t end on storage only.

Combining the flame that can be watched for hours and a TV stand fireplace designers at Real Flame have created an ultimate entertainment center that would fit both a small room and a bigger open layout living area.

Providing additional shelf space for the books and external devices, this incredible TV stand is a perfect representation of modern multi-purpose design.

REVO-OVER TV unit by Fimar comprises a storage wall and display shelving. The TV unit opens up to a hidden storage that’d make a perfect home bar and a small floating shelf for little things like a remote or external devices.

While it doesn’t occupy too much floor space it offers plenty of room for storing DVD collections, books, and all the different external devices.

SITA is a TV support stand that adds nothing unnecessary to the picture. It comes with a floating shelf and as is to create a clean look with only the ‘screen in the air’.

J&M Furniture offers quite a few very unusual options like the Strada Premium Wall Unit or the Organic Premium TV Console. Both with unusual shapes and built-in LED lights. Other designs are are more sleek and would fit into smaller modern and minimal living rooms.

Organic Premium Tv Console is one of the most unusual units out there. Its round TV panel is repeated by its general shape and the unconventional design even features drawers and floating shelves that add functionality to the appearance.

Nordic TV Table deserves its name in terms of its sleek design. Comprised of metal legs, wooden shelf and glass tabletop the stand plays into the Scandinavian style as well as into mid-century modern aesthetic.

Unlike other stands it can probably double as a coffee table and fit with almost any style due to the variety of finishes in one design. Brightly-colored cabinets aren’t as widespread as neutral white and black, but they definitely add dimension to the interior design.

A modern TV stand is still a crucial part of not only interior design but the home itself. Families and friends are gathering around the blue screen not only to catch a game or enjoy their favorite entertainment but also communicate, if only sparingly. A good TV stand will not only frame the media room but will make the watching experience more pleasant.