Fresh Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Which brings us to the concept of adding a fresh and feminine allure to your farmhouse living room décor. Here’s how to do just that!

Softer Wall Display
When it comes to farmhouse wall display, the less hectic the better. You want your display to be as welcoming as possible.

Farmhouse décor is notorious for having bold, wall displays, and with this idea, you aren’t necessarily changing it, but you are creating a softer display. With a softer wall display, you want to frame your couches and give them the focus they deserve. To further, showcase your display consider adding a mirror to complete the look.

Barn Doors
The beauty of having barn doors as dividers is that they not only divide the room, but they add texture due to most of them having a criss-cross pattern integrated. Barn doors are one of those things that add a sleek farmhouse allure regardless of the display you already have. Furthermore, they add a feminine twist depending on how you display them. We love the idea of having them as part of dividing your open display décor.

When it comes to floral arrangements you want to stay in the same color family in order to allow them to flow throughout the room. Is there anything quite as feminine and fresh as flowers? Absolutely not! Flowers add a hint of beauty anywhere they’re placed.

We recommend having multiple floral arrangements in soft, neutral hues for that calming feel. If you are allergic to flowers or not a fan of them consider having loose cotton stems on display instead.

Hanging Lanterns
Match your hanging lanterns with your light fixture to bring a well-rounded approach to your living room, with just the right amount of lighting and decor. Oh, how we love lanterns! Lanterns are another classic farmhouse décor item, they add texture, color, and brighten a room.

However, this time you want to hang them on your walls to illuminate the room in a romantic type of way. Add your lanterns in any wall that feels a bit empty or in need of a quick pick me up without a large amount of décor.

Bring on the Pastels
When it comes to working with pastels you want to remain in the same color palette as you would if you were decorating any area of the home. The main reason being you want your decor to work in unison with the rest of your home. Pastel is not only a beautiful color palette, but it brings a classic freshness to any room.

Add patterns in hues of pastel to brighten the appeal of the room. Doing so brings a classic feminine charm while further emphasizing the idea of having a twist of freshness in the air.

Faux Fur Rug
If you do not want to change your rugs, consider adding a faux fur rug on top of the rug you already have will add an additional source of texture to the room. If you want to add a touch of something lux and feminine without disrupting your décor, adding a faux fur is one of the best ways to go. Having a faux fur is great because it has that chic appeal while still being easy on the eye. Whether you add a small rug or a large fur rug you want it to be a part of the main focal point of your living room.

Decorate your Coffee Table
For your coffee table decor, you want to go as feminine as possible to truly bring forth a feminine twist to your farmhouse decor. Having a coffee table is great due to how much character it can add to a room. However, if you are not decorating above your coffee table you are doing yourself and your room a disservice. Decorating your coffee table allows you to further showcase your personal style and character. Add flowers, books, candles, and patterned pieces to brighten the appeal of the room.

Accents of Pink
When seeking accents of pink to display consider using soft hues that won’t take away from what you currently have but will make the room feel as grandiose as possible.

Pink is here to stay, and it shows no sign of going anywhere anytime soon. The key is adding accents of pink in a bold manner. You want to have a large, daring pink piece in the room for that bold, bit of beauty added in the room. Pair with metallics to create a seamless appeal.