Matando Cabos

Matando Cabos

Project Overview:

Initial site design, development, and launch of Matando Cabos movie site
Client: Open Sky Entertainment
Launch date: August 12, 2005
Web address:
(As this movie has come and gone the site is no longer live. However you can view an archive of it here.)

My Title:


Core Responsibilities:

  • Produced, Designed, and Developed all production, from inception to implementation
  • Served as Creative Director
  • Conceptualized UI, navigation system, landing pages, etc.
  • Created and led client presentations for approvals throughout project
  • Primary client contact, working with cross-functional teams
  • Created site maps, wireframes, and functional requirements documents

Features include:

  • Flash
  • Streaming Video
  • Interactive Photo Gallery

To see a full size screen shot, click here.


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