Welcome to my personal weblog. This site serves as a destination for some of my business activities as well as my thoughts and findings on emerging technology. Though, its primary purpose is to function as a portfolio for my work. Below, you’ll find a couple of diagrams outlining the home page panels (if you haven’t figured them out already). In addition, please find some quick links following the diagrams.

about-diagram-2c(For a larger diagram click here.)

Additionally, a complete list for each of the above categories can be found via the top navigation menu:

  • Featured Projects are accessed from the “Projects” link
  • Developed Projects are accessed from the “EXP” link
  • Projects I Own are accessed from the “Properties” link

For a complete list of all the projects I’ve worked on since 2005 click here.

Last, but not least, you’ll find my attempt at living up to my blogging potential with my most recent musing, and tweet. (Considering that this entire site is my weblog, and meant to showcase my work, I’m going with “musings” for blog posts.)

My Musings

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